Optimisation of performance "à la carte"

Increase power, reduce consumption - Petrol and diesel




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Reprogramming engine: 

Increase power and reduce consumption safely through high-quality reprogramming


15 years of experience at your service.

Chiptuning :: Power and economy for your engine


Thanks to optimisation of the original program in the electronic box (computer or ECU), DYNATEK improves the performance of your diesel or petrol vehicle (cars, SUVs, 4x4s, light commercial vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles, tractors and HGVs).


The experience gained in the world of high-level automobile sports, combined with high-performance equipment, (in particular a 4x4 power bench) allows us to improve :


  • power by 25%
  • torque by 35%
  • consumption up to 10%





  • Improves the performance of your vehicle (Chiptuning)
  • Reduces fuel consumption (Ecotuning)
  • Adapts the engine to your driving, whatever the type of vehicle, while remaining within the engine's tolerances.


Working with Dynatek, you put your trust in experienced people to work on your vehicle.


Thanks to the ultra-high performance equipment available to Dynatek, you will see proof of these improvements on the test bench.


We guarantee you an improvement in the performance of your vehicle that is totally safe and falls within the acceptable standards for your engine with all the advantages that flow from that.



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