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Beware of pseudo-specialists and entrust your vehicle to experienced professionals!


In a market confused by dealers lacking expertise and garages that call themselves specialists in electronics, DYNATEK offers you the guarantees of a professional service provider that you can use as a reference point:

  1. 20 years’ experience in the design and electronic control of engines of cars participating in prestigious races and championships (WRC, FIA GT, 24 Hours of Le MANS, …).
  2. High-tech setup unique in Belgium, in particular equipped with two 4-wheel engine power benches.
  3. 3. A run on the power bench before and after reprogramming that provides irrefutable and immediate proof of the improvement in your vehicle’s torque.
  1. Free-of-charge restoration of the original data and performance on request in the event of resale of the vehicle.
  2. We will reinput the modification if your garage or dealer has had to update the software.
  3. The guarantee of a modification made solely by input of electronic data (without the addition of equipment) observing the anti-pollution standards allowed by the manufacturer, ensuring that your vehicle passes its MOT without problems.


Discover the many benefits of the Chiptuning and Ecotuning solutions developed by our team.

  • An increase in power of up to 25%, offering better acceleration at high revs.
  • An improvement in torque of up to 35%, permitting better acceleration when overtaking and improved performance with trailers or caravans on tow.
  • A reduction in consumption of up to 12% for diesel engines by acting on the torque at low revs.
  • An effective solution and one which is, in most cases, invisible, achieved purely by reprogramming electronic data, without the addition of equipment of an additional box type.
  • Discreet intervention in most vehicles which is generally undetectable without appropriate specialist equipment.
  • A completely reversible modification thanks to restoration to the original state at any time.
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The advantages of Chiptuning compared with the installation of an additional box

There are many options available to drivers who wish to increase power and torque and reduce their vehicles’ fuel consumption.

Whilst an additional box represents an alternative for some, chiptuning offers essential benefits that provide the best available solution on the market:

  • Whereas most additional boxes are limited to diesel injection engines, chiptuning works with all types of diesel and petrol engines.
  • Unlike a rather obvious additional box, chiptuning does not require the introduction of any new equipment, so the modification of the electronic data is invisible to the naked eye!
  • Whereas the additional box affects only the one parameter, that of the fuel injected, chiptuning combines the improvement of about ten variables (fuel, turbo pressure, movement of the accelerator pedal, torque limiters, smoke limiters, …) obtaining better results without the risk of the engine being put into secure mode. 
  • Whereas the additional box acts in a linear, uniform manner over the power curve, chiptuning permits targeted action in precise ranges within this curve.
  • Unlike the standard program of the additional box, which is identical for every vehicle, chiptuning takes into account the unique character of each driver by adapting to his/her driving and to his/her specific expectations.
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