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Over 20 years’ experience in high-level motor sports on behalf of private clients.


In 20 years crowned with success in the most prestigious races and championships, David CURNEL and Bernard WATY have stood out as real points of reference in the field of engine design and development.

So these two engine manufacturers made their mark in particular in information management relating to engine data all along a route packed with major sports events : 

- FIA GT (Lamborghini),
- WRC (World Rally Championships),
- 24 Hours of Le Mans,
- Japan GT,
- 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps,
- BTCS Championships, …

With the aim of putting this expertise acquired at the highest level to the service of private vehicles, David CURNEL and Bernard WATY set up DYNATEK, a company specialising in optimising the electronic boxes for all types of vehicle.

Whilst observing the highest demands of technology and quality, they set themselves up with ultra-high performance equipment with in particular the acquisition of two 4-wheel engine test benches, which are probably unique in Belgium.

Armed with the success achieved with a growing clientele, DYNATEK, which was already present on 4 continents, has continued to grow its network abroad.

Who are we ? - Dynatek - photo 10
Who are we ? - Dynatek - photo 11

The major landmarks in David CURNEL and Bernard WATY’s careers as engine manufacturers:

  • World Championships FIA GT1 2004 > 2008 // Lamborghini Murcialego V12 6L 
    Drivers: Jos Menten, Peter Kox, Stefan Mucke, Christophe Bouchut, Gianni Morbidelli, Norman Simon.
  • 12-Hour Millennium Race GT1 in Malaysia // Lamborghini GT1
  • Japan GT Championships at Montegi in 2004 // Lamborghini GT1
  • LMES World Championships in LMGT1 // Lamborghini GT1
  • World Rally Championships Gr N, Gr A and WRC // Toyota Team Europe
  • National Rally Championships with Toyota Celica Gr A and Toyota Corolla WRC
    Paraguay, Argentina, Kenya, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia
    Belgian rally drivers: Melissa Debackere, Renaud Verreydt, Eric Wevers, Dominique Bruyneel
  • Belgian Super-Tourism Championships / Belgian Production 1995 > 1999 // Honda Belgium and VZM
    Drivers: Didier de Radiguès, Patrick Snijers, Philippe Favre, Christophe Dechavanne, Vincent Vosse, Thierry Tassin, Alfred Hegerd, Gabriele Tarquini, Renaud Verreydt, Pierre-Alain Thiebaut, José Close
  • 24 Hours of Spa Francorchamps 2004 // Porsche GT3 RS
    Drivers: Rudy Penders, Jean André, Eric Jamar
  • 24 Hours of Spa Francorchamps FIA GT 2007 // Lamborghini GT1
    Drivers: Stefan Mucke, Christophe Bouchut
  • BTCS Championships 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 // Peugeot Silhouette and BMW
    Drivers: Renaud Verreydt, Benoît Galant, Philippe Menage, Eric Jamar,…
  • Belcar Championships 
    Drivers: Pierre Yves Corthals, Jean-Pierre Van de Wauver
  • ADAC Championships GT Cup 1997, 1998 // Toyota MR II Turbo
  • 24 Hours of Nurburgring // Renault Clio and Toyota MR II
  • Rallye Raid with VW


A quality service combining the professionalism of our staff with technical equipment that is unique in Belgium !


In addition to the experience and skills of its staff, DYNATEK relies on the latest technology setup which no doubt positions the company as the best equipped in Belgium.

So we have at our clients’ disposal a cutting-edge infrastructure provided with the most powerful equipment:

  • Diagnostic tools necessary for reading off the parameters of the engine in running mode

  • Analysis equipment and equipment for modifying the data in the ECU, adapted to the specific features of each vehicle.
  • Courtesy car available to our clients
Lastly, we have two 4-wheel engine power benches that permit us to carry out high-quality reprogramming and to optimise the schematics whilst demonstrating with precision the power improvements claimed..
Who are we ? - Dynatek - photo 13
Who are we ? - Dynatek - photo 14

How does the power bench work?

Our power benches, connected to a computer and equipped with four rollers with magnetic brakes, are capable of measuring a vehicle’s performance with the greatest precision.

As soon as the vehicle is moving on the rollers, the bench measures power and torque and creates graphs that permit us to analyse the engine’s performance. This perfect knowledge of the imperfections in these graphs tells us exactly where to take action to improve your engine’s output. The bench cells are also equipped with a high-powered ventilation system to allow us to cool the engine to the optimum temperature.

Before any reprogramming we therefore offer you a first run on the bench to give you a precise idea of your vehicle in its initial state. After the reprogramming, a second test is performed so as to compare the gains in power and torque achieved by it.

The power bench therefore figures in the procedure for every reprogramming session. In fact, it is impossible to correctly evaluate a gain in power only by conducting trials on the road!


Yves Töller

Technical Support


David Curnel



Bernard Waty



Laura Schmitz

Sales & Marketing Manager

Who are we ? - Dynatek - photo 21

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