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Chiptuning VS Additional Box  

There are many options available to drivers who wish to increase power and torque and reduce their vehicles’ fuel consumption.. 

Whilst an additional box represents an alternative for some, chiptuning offers essential benefits that provide the best available solution on the market:

  • Whereas most additional boxes are limited to diesel injection engines, chiptuning works with all types of diesel and petrol engines. 
  • Unlike a rather obvious additional box, chiptuning does not require the introduction of any new equipment, so the modification of the electronic data is invisible to the naked eye!
  • Whereas the additional box affects only the one parameter, that of the fuel injected, chiptuning combines the improvement of about ten variables (fuel, turbo pressure, movement of the accelerator pedal, torque limiters, smoke limiters, …) obtaining better results without the risk of the engine being put into secure mode.   
  • Whereas the additional box acts in a linear, uniform manner over the power curve, chiptuning permits targeted action in precise ranges within this curve. 
  • Unlike the standard program of the additional box, which is identical for every vehicle, chiptuning takes into account the unique character of each driver by adapting to his/her driving and to his/her specific expectations.


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